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2018 Schedule of Events

 Custer County Historical Society (CCHS)
Program Speakers

Schedule for 2018


First Saturday of the following months: 

 January through June and October through November


Location:  Pine Room - adjacent to the County Library on Crook Street


Time: Approximately 2:30pm, after the CCHS Membership Meeting
(2:00pm) and coffee/light refreshments (2:20pm)


Admission:  FREE

February 3, 2018: Gary Enright, Director of the 1881 Courthouse Museum presents "Mysteries of the Museum"

March 3, 2018: Dr. David Wolff "Black Hills Mining Companies: Success Failures & Frauds"

April 7, 2018: Dusty Dustman presents "Custer - the Man and the Myth"

May 5, 2018: Gary Kuchar "Doc" presents "History and Days of the Medicine Men" 

June 2, 2018: Linda Hasselstrom will talk about Nellie Hermosa Garrett Harty - the first white child in Hermosa, SD

October 6, 2018: Jon Nelson will present "Amazing Artifacts of the Museum of the Fur Trade" 

Novemeber 3, 2018: Daniel Hanson will talk about the finding of mammoth bones at the Mammoth Site in 1974
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